wxSpellcast: a game of duelling wizards

Spellcaster is a multiplayer strategy game designed by Richard Bartle, concerning a conflict between two or more powerful wizards. The opponents use mystical hand gestures to invoke their spells -- spells of summoning, elemental energy, protection, mental influence, and good old-fashioned brute force. Timing and forethought are necessary to ensure that your defensive spells block all attacks while your attacks get through.

wxSpellcast is a cross-platform, client-server networkable version of the venerable XWindows "spellcast" implementation, using the wxWidgets GUI library. Fry your friends today!

Download Windows version
wxSpellcast 1.02 for Windows
3.5 MB
Download Mac version
wxSpellcast 1.02 for Mac OS X
(Universal binary, 10.4 or higher)
2.3 MB
Download source code
wxSpellcast 1.02 source code
96 KB

For more information about the game and its rules, please see Richard Bartle's rules for the pencil-and-paper version, or Andrew Plotkin's page for the original "spellcast" game.

Note: If you're building it yourself, it assumes that you've got a working build of wxWidgets on your machine already. See your platform's Makefile for details. Share and enjoy!

New screenshots coming very soon!

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Dennis Taylor